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This study of health care workers who are nurses, medical assistants, administrators or team coordinators, demonstrates that while the workers responded positively to an optional training program, they reported they still needed additional support in order to transfer the new information into their practice. The 16 health care workers in this study are expected to continually update their skills, knowledge and abilities and then transfer or use the information in their work. Health care educators participating in this study assumed if the training program is well planned, the workers will transfer the information to their practice. Findings indicate that if the health care educators planning the programs apply several variables, such as involving the workers in the planning process, using a variety of delivery approaches, and arranging for immediate application opportunities with support from the organization, the health care workers would experience a higher level of transfer. The results of the study are a series of recommendations for health care educators and continuing professional educators to promote transfer of learning to practice.

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PAACE Journal of Lifelong Learning



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