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This article investigates how training and working environments, attitudes, and experiences influence transfer of learning for professionals in the corporate setting. A study of 54 software test engineers, software developers, documentation content managers, technical writers and editors, programming writers, and program managers looks at variables during three phases of the training process: the planning of continuing educations programs, the presentation of the training, and the professional's application of the training after returning to the work setting. Findings indicate that several variables influence strongly successful transfer of learning: involvement in the pre-program planning process and self-motivation to participate, use of a variety of delivery approaches and involvement of the trainee in the the learning process, and immediate application of post-training experiences with organizational support for the transfer of learning. The data also suggest that the professionals would have experienced a higher level of transfer if there had been a corporate expectation that the professional would share the skills and knowledge with others and the company had allowed time for implementation.

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PAACE Journal of Lifelong Learning



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