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the June graduating class for the years 1990 and 1991. These reports led to the production of the present report, which looks back over WWU's June graduates from the years 1981 through 1991. Information for this report was obtained from the Registrar's Office, through the Student Tracking System, maintained by the Registrar's Office and supplemented by the OIAT. Data was analyzed using fundamental descriptive statistics. Unlike the OIAT reports on graduates in 1990 and 1991, this report mainly consists of an array of tables. Interpretation of the tabular data is left to the discretion of the reader. A good deal of data was prepared, but for a variety of reasons some was left out. For anyone wishing to conduct a more detailed and thorough analysis, the complete data file is available. In some respects, it may have been more fruitful to have profiled June graduates in three- or five-year increments; however, since the OIAT's statistical analyses must necessarily be done through the media of computer and software packages, only the data entered into the Student Tracking System could be accessed, with 1981 being the back cut-off date for such information. In truth, as the project progressed, even some of early 1980's data proved to be unreliable, or nonexistent. The data tables have been organized into four sections: 1) general demographics; 2) academic preparation, university performance, degree granted, and college of graduation; 3) total college credits earned, and quarters attended at WWU; and 4) an ethnicity report. Section One is straight forward, profiling general university demographics--how many males and females, transfers and natives, etc.--graduated from WWU during the springs of the years 1981 to 1991. Section Two delineates such concerns as high school GPA and pre-college test scores, transfer GPA, WWU GPA, JWE scores, honors granted, degree granted, college of graduation, and other concerns. This data is analyzed by four subcategor








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