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INTRODUCTION Between the end of August and November, 1996, the Western Washington University Office of Survey Research conducted a survey of school principals and superintendents' offices in the Olympic ESD. The survey was initiated by Western Washington University Extended Programs with the goal of exploring the kinds of inservice training needed by science teachers in the Olympic ESD. This report presents the findings of our survey. METHOD AND SAMPLE Telephone and/or mail surveys were completed with 68 principals and superintendents. Our initial telephone interview attempts were hampered by the timing of the study--just prior to the Fall opening of school. Each site received an announcement mailing, up to ten telephone calls and up to four survey and reminder mailings, as necessary. Even so, some did not resond, as is usual. The final response rates are sufficiently high to assure the validity of the studv. We completed surveys with 34 (64.2%) of 53 elementary school principals in the sample. Interviews were completed with some principals who were just joining the school. Most brand new principals preferred, however, not to answer questions about the schools staff If we compute a completion rate based onlv on schools without new principals, the completion rate for e/ementarv schools rises to 72%. Of 34 Middle Schools and High Schools in the sample, we completed survevs with 25 (73.5%). We aim interviewed the district superintendent or the appropriate representative from the superintendent's office in 12 of the 15 districts represented in the sample. Three of these were very small districts where a principal and superintendent were the same individual. In all, then, we completed 59 interviews with principals and superintentent interviews with an additional nine district staff To be meaningful, however, figures must be separated by level. since the nature of the science curriculum and the need for training differs dramatically by level. We judged








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