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Spring 2014


Compared to most other animal on the planet, humans are pathetic runners. We are not graceful like the deer nor fast like the cheetah. In fact, many have wondered why the homo sapien evolved into an upright figure since that posture is less efficient for running. Christopher McDougall, in his National Bestseller Born to Run, hypothesized that early humans were distance runners that outran their prey. Born to Run, which has been linked to the rise of the popularity of barefoot running, describes how humans do not use their Achilles tendon efficiently by striking with the heel of the foot.7, 8 In hopes of reducing rate of injuries, many runners have modified their running style so that the heel strike does not occur first or at all. Yet, as many have found out, this alteration does not always reduce injuries.


Available below is the Molly Quinn-Shea's PowerPoint final presentation.

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PowerPoint final presentation