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This case series examined the effectiveness of limbic entrainment for normalizing gait in individuals with recent ankle sprains. The limbic system consists mainly of the amygdala and the hypothalamus, and is connected to the motor areas of the brain via the ventral striatum. Auditory stimuli have been shown to have the greatest effect on motor responses, since the auditory areas of the brain are connected most directly to the motor and limbic areas. Two subjects were tested in this case series by walking at a self-­‐selected pace before and after limbic entrainment. Entrainment was achieved through 15 minutes of relaxation while listening to antecedent sonic driving through a shamantic drumming track. Significant differences were observed in cadence, step length, force distribution, and single support line. Future research is suggested, including more subjects, as well as subjects with varying length of time between the injury and testing.