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August 2021


Emma Fuhrmann


While I hold my childhood and adolescent memories very dear, I understand that nostalgia is inextricable from idealism. Idealism of the past along with the perpetual construction and reconstruction of memories may inevitably cause them to become falsified, distant, and abstracted over time. In my current mixed media paintings, I investigate the past and my own memories while embracing the veil of uncertainty that comes with the act of remembering.

I utilize a process-driven approach to explore themes of memory, time, childhood, and nostalgia. Each piece has a history created through the layering of various materials and media: collage, drawing, acrylic paint, spray paint, and screen-print. Found images of children, homes, and tender moments between families and friends are cushioned by lush environments of euphoric color and playful abstractions. I incorporate my own identity into my work by integrating stream-of-consciousness writings and sketches of familiar spaces. As the compositions evolve with the juxtaposition of imagery, text, and mark-making, the original images are recontextualized providing the impression of an intimate glimpse into another’s life.

Though my work is imbued with personal significance and references, I include recognizable entry-points and maintain a sense of ambiguity in the imagery, drawings, and abstract forms in each piece. This ambiguity invites the viewer to project their own meanings and memories onto my work.


Emma Fuhrmann