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Border Policy Brief

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Trade, Economic Relationships, Transportation


This article examines truck- and rail-borne freight flows at five land ports-of-entry along the Canada – U.S. border: Blaine, WA; Sweetgrass, MT; Detroit, MI; Buffalo, NY; and Champlain, NY. The five ports were chosen to provide geographic diversity, as well as a range of sizes. Together, these five ports handled 53 percent of the truck-borne freight entering the U.S. from Canada in December 2007, so the trends found at these ports likely are representative of the situation along the entire border. A year-over-year methodology was used in order to account for background seasonal variations. Rather than examining the value of goods, which depends upon factors such as currency exchange rates, commodity price fluctuations, and inflation, we analyzed the weight of goods traversing the border.




2 - Spring

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United States--Boundaries--Canada; Canada--Boundaries--United States

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United States; Canada


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