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Border Policy Brief

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Trade, Transportation, Comparative Analyses


This article discusses some traits of the ports-of-entry arrayed along the Canada – U.S. land border. The article focuses upon that portion of the border commonly referred to as the “49th parallel,” omitting discussion of the Canada – Alaska border. Discussion is also focused solely upon the usage of the ports by personal vehicles. Our intent is to reveal something about the “border experience” over the past decade, spanning the period in which post-9/11 border security measures have been deployed. There has been commentary about the extent to which cross-border travel has diminished in response to the “hardening” of the border, with ensuing impact upon the social fabric of borderlands. Our analysis reveals that there is likely a diversity of border experiences along the length of the border.




5 - September

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United States--Boundaries--Canada; Canada--Boundaries--United States

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United States; Canada


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