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Salish Sea governance


The Salish Sea Governance Study is a baseline inventory, designed to identify and categorize the variety of actors and instruments that bear on the maintenance and revitalization of the Salish Sea. Both sides of the border have regulations and actors working to mitigate the multitude of stressors adversely impacting the health of the Salish Sea and to preserve and restore the system. These include governmental entities at varying scales; indigenous communities working individually or integrating efforts; and non-state actors working within non-governmental organizations and NGO-networks.

Formal and informal mechanisms bring these different actors together. Such interaction crosses multiple levels and orders of government and non-governmental civil society. This creates a complicated and, at times, fragmented approach to governance. This study aims to provide more clarity by creating a resource tool to improve awareness of the different governance systems (e.g. laws and policies and policy actors) affecting the Salish Sea in both the United States and Canada.