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Because I was the only person in the ESP, I was the clear leader of the ESP but did not have the ESP director title. Despite this, I took on various roles of the director, a few of which were seats on committees. As a voting member of the Sustainability, Equity, and Justice Fund (SEJF) committee, I participated in biweekly meetings where we discussed incoming grant proposals. We saw proposals for many kinds of projects including travel to conferences for men of color in academia, film screenings on mental health in indigenous communities, work parties in environmental restoration for LEAD, and so many more. In the first few months, we approved nearly every grant we saw. SEJF had a surplus of money due to a deficit of proposals during the COVID years, so we were able to fund a wider range of projects. In addition to voting on the proposals, it was also important for me to promote SEJF to clubs and students, so that they knew there was a funding body which wanted to support their ideas for community and personal academic and professional development. Along with other SEJF members, I helped get the word out about the grant to Western in a post-COVID era where so many were unaware of what Western had to offer to students. It ended up being a successful campaign – by spring quarter we had to be far more selective about which projects to fund because the volume of proposals increased rapidly.




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