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Dr Erika McPhee-Shaw

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This internship started off as just a simple lead volunteer position, as it grew into much more than this, I learned a lot about myself and it helped me focus on what I want to do in the future. My team consisted of some of the most hard working and dedicated people I have ever had the pleasure to know, and they taught me so much in just a short period of time. I started this internship to scared to talk to a group of 3 people I didn’t know, and I am ending it being unafraid to speak to groups of 30+ plus people I don’t know. I spoke to groups larger than 15 approx. 11 times, and this practice really helped me overcome that fear. This accomplishment may feel small in comparison to some, but for me this is a huge step moving forward in my educational future, as I can now publicly speak and give presentations and feel knowledgeable while doing it. 6 months ago, I couldn't tell you what any native or invasive species in the area were (let alone that Himalayan blackberry was one of them), now I could point out almost every tree/shrub/plant on any trail in Bellingham.




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