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Dr Rebecca Bunn

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Internship Report


The Kulshan Carbon Trust is a Washington-based non-profit implementing collaborative natural climate solutions in Whatcom and Skagit Counties through landholder engagement, supply chain development, market incentives, and workforce training. The KCT aims to promote regenerative land use practices that reduce agriculture, forestry, and land development emissions and increase carbon sequestration by supporting regenerative agriculture, forest restoration, and biochar production in our community. KCT provides an organizational framework that puts people to work protecting existing carbon reserves and rebuilding carbon stockpiles in soils and plants to foster healthy ecosystems for future generations. As an intern for the KCT, my role was to explore agroforestry and its potential for carbon sequestration. Depending on the results of my findings, the KCT plans to decide whether to peruse agroforestry for their next pilot project. For my research I explored several types of agroforestry including silvopasture, forest farming, riparian buffers, and alley cropping. The purpose of this exploration was to determine which type(s) of agroforestry would be most applicable to the region and then which species work best in those systems. An additional consideration was the systems carbon sequestering potential, as those systems would offer the most economic incentive due to their higher carbon credit value.




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