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Studies on East Asia, Volume 28



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Pearce, Scott


Center for East Asian Studies, Western Washington University


Subjects and Masters by Michael C. Brose answers the question, “Who really ran the Mongol empire?” The common stereotype of "leadership" during that period of world history most likely consists of a band of savage horse­ mounted nomads, led by the fearless and powerful Chinggis Qan, sweeping down from the steppe to conquer and rule with brutal force over the most powerful Eurasian empires of the time. But while the Mongol tribesmen were certainly effective in conquest and empire building, they could not have succeeded alone. In fact, the rapid conquests of Chinggis and his heirs, and the empire that they constructed across Eurasia, were achieved through the skills and efforts of many different peoples who collaborated (willingly or unwillingly) with the Mongol lords. Not only were the nomadic Mongol tribesmen few in number (especially relative to the large agrarian states they would ultimately conquer, China and Persia), but they also lacked the skills and experience needed to hold power over the long term.

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China--Politics and government--1260-1368


Asian History


Mongol Empire, Uyghurs, Chinggis Qan, Mongolian history

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Uighur (Turkic people)--History--To 1500; Uighur (Turkic people)--Employment--China--History--Yuan dynasty, 1260-1368; Mongols--History--To 1500; Elite (Social sciences)--China--History--Yuan dynasty, 1260-1368


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Subjects and Masters: Uyghurs in the Mongol Empire

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