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Dalaĭn davalgaanaar. English

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East Asian Research Aids and Translations, Volume 6



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Edward H. Kaplan


Center for East Asian Studies, Western Washington University


Bellingham, Washington


The translation of Shirendev’s Through the Ocean Waves is a significant event for the historical understanding of modem Mongolia. This is the first personal biography by a central figure in the communist government that dominated the entire central part of the twentieth century. Shirendev is a remarkable statesman. The peaks and troughs of his career, alluded to in his title, reveal the inner turbulence of the history of his country, which was largely hidden until recently. Since 1990 Mongolia has changed direction politically, turning towards democracy, market relations and openness in public life. The publication of Shirendev s book in Mongolian is part of this process. However, although his career is usually identified with the high socialism of the 1940s-80s, Shirendev's book reveals that he really stands for a “Mongolianness” that spans virtually the whole of this century in all of its political guises. It is clear from Shirendev’s account that even a beacon of party activism such as himself remains in many ways attached to the traditional culture in which he grew up. His account contains a mixture of admiration for the experience of the herders with a determination to improve the social conditions of their lives.



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Through the Ocean Waves: The Autobiography of Bazaryn Shirendev