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Occasional Paper No. 8



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Managing Editor

Henry G. Schwarz


Center for East Asian Studies, Western Washington University


Bellingham, Washington


Mongolian Short Stories, edited by Henry G. Schwarz: My students rightfully complain that they need an anthology of unabridged and representative samples of Mongolian literature. There is at present only one source for such materials, the magazine, Mongolia. Unfortunately, the magazine, like most other periodical publications of its kind, scatters its literary samples across scores of issues. Moreover, it is probably true that this useful magazine is still little known in the United States where I would guess fewer than ten university libraries have complete sets.

To meet my students' legitimate demands, I have selected some twenty-one short stories from the pages of this magazine, and have attempted to edit them into acceptable contemporary American English. I have endeavored as much as it is feasible to make the selection representative of different generations of writers and of different themes.

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Mongolia--Social life and customs--Fiction


East Asian Languages and Societies


Mongolian literature, Mongolia magazine

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Short stories, Mongolian--Translations into English


Copyright 1974 the Center for East Asian Studies, Western Washington University





Mongolian Short Stories


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