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Studies on East Asia, Volume 19



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Edward H. Kaplan


Center for East Asian Studies, Western Washington University


Bellingham, Washington


Opuscula Altaica : Essays Presented in Honor of Henry Schwarz, edited by Edward H. Kaplan and Donald W. Whisenhunt: We are pleased to present herewith a largely Mongol miscellany in honor of a most remarkable man, Henry Schwarz. I first met Henry Schwarz in the winter of 1967 at a meeting of the Inner Asia Colloquium of the then Far Eastern and Russian Institute at the University of Washington. Attending were the bright lights of Inner Asian Studies including, in addition to Henry himself, the late Nicholas Poppe, the late T.V. Wylie, Herbert Franke, Lao Yan-shuan, and a host of graduate students, most of whom have now gone on to distinguished careers as scholars and teachers. That period was in many ways a high water mark for Inner Asian Studies, one we have not seen the likes of since, though Henry Schwarz has done his best to recreate it.



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Opuscula Altaica : Essays Presented in Honor of Henry Schwarz