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Bibliotheca Mongolica Part I: Works in English, French, and German

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Occasional Papers, Volume 12



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Henry G. Schwarz


Center for East Asian Studies, Western Washington University


Bellingham, Washington


The field of Mongolian Studies in North America has had its ups and downs over the past decade. While some universities, like Indiana and Brigham Young, have expanded their offerings and others, like Saskatchewan and Western Washington, have entered the field, there has also been some contraction. In several ways, the most regrettable casualty of the budget axe was the fine program at the University of Washington which had been founded and guided by Nicholas Poppe but which was eliminated soon after his retirement.

I believe it is incumbent upon all who are interested in Mongolian Studies to strengthen the field by creating a comprehensive bibliography that in a single set of volumes encompasses most if not all that has been written in various languages about most aspects of Mongolia. It is unfortunately true that unlike studies on China, Japan, and Korea, nothing quite like this has ever been published on Mongolia. The closest we have, in a Western language is Denis Sinor's fine Introduction à l'étude de l'Eurasie centrale which includes Mongolia but which is rapidly becoming outdated and excludes entire fields such as science and technology.

I began in December of 1975 to lay the groundwork for the Bibliotheca Mongolica which will ultimately consist of four parts. Part II, edited by Professor Man-kam Leung of the University of Saskatchewan, will include works written in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Part III, edited by Mr. Michael Underdown of the University of Melbourne, will contain works in Mongolian, Russian, and East European languages. When these two parts are completed, I will compile Part IV which will contain works written in all other languages, additions to the first three parts, and a combined index.

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