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Zhongguo min zu zheng ce

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Occasional Paper No. 2



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Download Part II: 12. Chou En-Lai Report On the Work of the Government September 23, 1954 (496 KB)

Download Part II: 13. Conscription Law of the People's Republic of China, February 7, 1955 (561 KB)

Download Part II: 14. On Strengthening Production Leadership and Organizational Construction on Agricultural Producer Cooperatives, September 12, 1956 (629 KB)

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Download Part II: 16. Constitution of the Chinese Communist Party September 26, 1956 (818 KB)

Download Part II: 17. Proposals of the Eighth National Congress Of The Chinese Communist Party For The Second Five-Year Plan For The Development Of The National Economy, 1958-62, September 27, 1956 (362 KB)

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Download Part II: 21. Chou En-Lai Report on the Work of the Government April 18, 1959 (974 KB)

Download Part II: 22. Wang Feng the Great Victory in Our Nationalities Policy September 27, 1959 (6.8 MB)

Download Part II: 23. Chang Chih-i a Correct Understanding and Implementation of the Party Policy Concerning Freedom of Religious Belief, April 1962 (3.7 MB)

Download Part II: 24. Liu Ch'un the Current Nationality Question and Class Struggle, June 30, 1964 (8.0 MB)

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Henry G. Schwarz


Center for East Asian Studies, Western Washington University


Bellingham, Washington


Chinese Policies Towards Minorities: An Essay and Documents by Henry G. Schwarz: Over the past several years, I have been surprised by the lack of knowledge of Communist Chinese policies toward minorities on the part of otherwise well prepared graduate students beginning to specialize in contemporary China. To help remedy this regrettable state of affairs, I offer this collection of documents and introductory essay in the hope that it will provide a handy reference tool and a starting point from which a novice may strike out for detailed investigations of China's minorities.

The essay does not pretend to offer a full-scale analysis of Chinese policies toward minorities. It does attempt, however, to give a general introduction to the problem of China's minorities and to focus on some of the objectives and results of China's policies, as presented in the documents.



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Asian History


Communist Chinese policies, Minorities in China

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Chinese Policies Towards Minorities: An Essay and Documents

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