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East Asian Research Aids & Translations, Volume 2



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Henry G. Schwarz


Center for East Asian Studies, Western Washington University


Bellingham, Washington


Buddhist Art of East Asia by Dietrich Seckel, translated by Ulrich Mammitzsch: The publication of an English translation of a work which was originally published thirty years ago requires some explanation. Professor Seckel’s work has not only stood the test of time remarkably well, it has also remained the only attempt to date to provide a systematic survey of East Asian Buddhist art. This emphasis on the basic principles of this art constitutes the value of this study and ensures at the same time its relevance for years to come. To be sure, many individual works of Buddhist art have become better known to us during the thirty years which have elapsed since the German original appeared in 1957. Many particular details have been uncovered by students as part of the rapidly expanding scholarship in Buddhist art. Mention should also be made of the advances in color photography and reproduction which has also contributed in a significant manner towards acquainting us with the Buddhist art of East Asia.

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East Asia


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Buddhist art--East Asia


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Buddhist Art of East Asia


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