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Snow Leopard Trust, Grades 5 - 8 Curriculum


The snow leopard is a majestic and elusive endangered species found in the remote mountains of Central Asia. Uniquely adapt- ed to one of the harshest environments in the world, these cats survive at extreme altitudes and are a keystone species. Their presence influences and regulates the balance of plants and animals within their ecosystem.

This unit of study encourages students to explore a variety of topics and activities related to snow leopard conservation. By learning about snow leopards and the threats to their survival, students will understand the pressures facing wildlife around the world and the interconnections among those pressures. They will engage in activities that allow them to consider the many different stakeholders and points of view involved in wildlife conservation. Students will also engage in real and meaningful efforts to protect these important animals, envisioning and designing solutions that balance the needs of people and natural ecosystems. Additionally, these lessons encourage students to develop 21st century skills such as critcal thinking, collaborating with peers, and employing a global perspective.

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