Environmental Studies

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Winter 2011


Socio-ecological models contribute to the understanding of how context influences human development and construction of worldviews. However, the claim that socio-ecological models represent the “true” influencers of an individual might be a misrepresentation of the complexity of whole ecological systems. This paper explores the possibility of adapting the use of the “socio-ecological model” to better represent the ecological influencers, rather than the primary focus of human and social factors. With reference to the new trends in environmental education, this paper explores the definitions of ecologically-based language, outlines the current domain of socio-ecological models, and proposes a re-orientation of socio-ecological models to “eco-sociological models.” The conclusion provides five ways to incorporate a more ecologically-based approach to understanding contextual influencers and a rework of Bronfenbrenner’s socio-ecological model as an eco-sociological model. were recommended.

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Human Ecology Review





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