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Jeanne Armstrong

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Research Paper

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Selling sex is a trade that has been around as long as written history can document. It is an occupation that is usually—if not always—brought up with negative connotations. It is easy to look in on the underground world of sex work, prostitution, and trafficking from the outside and assume a wanton hell-scape of rape and debauchery that looks like a scene from HBO’s interpretation of Game of Thrones. However, it is a much more complicated topic than simply the subjugation of women (though cis-gendered women are absolutely not the only participants in the sex industry) to be used as objects for a man’s sexual pleasure. There is a multiplicity of factors to be considered when thinking about any aspect of this clandestine workforce, whether the matter under scrutiny is the actual lives that are a part of prostitution or the policies that are ever trying to control them.