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Island arc crustal section, exhumed arc terrane, 3D arc crustal model, volcano-pluton connection, upper- to mid-crust transition


The Cretaceous Alisitos Ocean Arc 3D Model version 1 (v1) is a publically accessible and interactive 3D arc crustal model, with geologic map overlays on Google Earth. The model provides a virtual field trip through the upper- to middle-crust transition in the exhumed 110 Ma southern Alisitos Arc, Baja California, Mexico. This region was chosen for the model as it exposes a structurally intact and minimally altered transition zone between heterogeneous volcanic upper crust through the underlying plutonic rocks (up to ~7 km deep). The model is organized into three paleo-volcanic centers, which include (from north to south): a northern fault-bounded basin, a central subaerial edifice, and a southern volcano-bounded basin. Each volcanic center is underpinned by a separate pluton, which include (from north to south): the Los Martires pluton, the La Burra pluton, and the San Fernando pluton.

The interactive model is available for download under ‘Additional Files’ below (see below - The Cretaceous Alisitos Oceanic Arc-v1.kmz) and provides GPS-located outcrop information from 213 sample/site locations by linking unique file windows which include field images, +/- petrography, +/- geochemistry, and +/- geochronology. A summary table of the outcrop information included within each window is also provided under ‘Additional Files’ (see below - 3D Alisitos Arc Model outcrop summary table.xlsx).

This model is a 3D interactive tool that supports a summary paper of Busby et al. (in revision) and the associated petrogenetic story of Morris et al. (2019).

An instructional video of how to use the Google Earth 3D Model of the southern Alisitos Arc is available on YouTube.




Busby, C., Morris, R.A., DeBari, S.M., Medynski, S., Andrews, G.A., Schmitt, A., Brown, S. (in revision) Geology of a large intact oceanic arc crustal section with superior exposures: Cretaceous Alisitos arc, Baja California (Mexico). GSA Books.

Morris, R.A., DeBari, S.M., Busby, C., Medynski, S., Jicha, B.R. (2019) Building arc crust: Plutonic to volcanic connections in an extensional oceanic arc, the southern Alisitos arc, Baja California; Journal of Petrology, 60 (6), pp. 1195 – 1228.

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Petrology--Mexico--Baja California (Peninsula); Geology, Structural--Mexico--Baja California (Peninsula); Geology, Stratigraphic--Cretaceous

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Baja California (Mexico : Peninsula)


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