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Five fusulinid zones are recognizable in the Hess member of the Leonard formation in the eastern Glass Mountains. These zones are useful for correlation and contain two species of Schwagerina, previously described, and five species of Parafusulina which are new. The assemblage of Schwagerina crassitectoria Dunbar and Skinner and S. gaembeli Dunbar and Skinner forms the lowest zone, Parafusulina allisonensis n. sp. forms the second zone, P. deitoides n. sp. and Parafusulina sp. A form the third zone. P. spissisepta n. sp. forms the fourth zone which includes the upper Hess fossil bed of P. B. King (1931), and the assemblage of P. brooksensis n. sp. and P. vidriensis n. sp. forms the fifth and highest zone of the Hess member. The distribution of these species of fusulinids in these zones is closely related to the types of limestones.

A possible species of Eoverbeekina found near the base of the Hess member in the double ledge may be one of the earliest occurrences of a member of an Asian fusulinid fauna to be reported from the standard Permian section.

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Contributions from the Cushman Foundation for Foraminiferal Research





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Ross, Charles A. "Fusulinids from the Hess Member of the Leonard Formation, Leonard Series (Permian), Glass Mountains, Texas." Contributions from the Cushman Foundation for Foraminiferal Research 11.4 (1960): 117-133.