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Huxley College of the Environment

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Fall 2009

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Environmental Impact Assessment

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Department of Environmental Studies


Environmental Studies

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Abel, Troy D.


The Final Lake Sammamish State Park Boat Launch Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) analyzes a range of alternatives and management actions for the proposed improvements to several piers at the Lake Sammamish State Park boat launch. This EIS assesses the impacts that could result from continuation of current management (the no-action alternative) or the implementation of any of two other action alternatives. Through this analysis the proposed alternative to replace the six piers at the Lake Sammamish Boat launch" has been identified as the preferred alternative for this EIS. The general project location is at 4460 East Lake Sammamish Parkway in King County, Washington north of the city of Issaquah. The project area lies at the northeastern tip of Lake Sammamish State Park and is boarded on both sides by undeveloped shoreline. To the north of the project area Laughing Jacobs Creek and several other small tributaries flow into the lake. Deciduous shrubs and trees cover the shoreline within the immediate area, however within a quarter mile to the north of the boat launch there is residential development. To the south, the shoreline is densely vegetated with deciduous shrubs and trees. This southern area is part of a large wetland and natural area within the state park and shares a boundary with the existing boat launch action area. The piers at the Lake Sammamish State Park boat launch have exceeded their useful life. Currently the six piers are old and deteriorating due to several main factors. During the summer months the piers receive consistent and heavy use by recreational boaters as currently the park is the most heavily used State Park in Washington. Secondly, the piers are fixed to six creosote treated wood pilings which do not allow for the piers to float. Due to the inability to float, the piers become submerged during winter months when lake levels reach their highest water levels. In addition, the connections between entrance ramps and piers have loosened over time. This has allowed for piers to change in position each winter. The goal of the project is to replace the six deteriorating piers with new floating docks. This would be to improve year round use of the boat launch, improve safety of those using the docks and improve conditions for wildlife using both the near shore habitat and that on shore.




Boats and boating--Environmental aspects--Washington (State)--Lake Sammamish State Park, Environmental impact analysis--Washington (State)--Lake Sammamish State Park


Western Washington University

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Boats and boating--Environmental aspects--Washington (State)--Lake Sammamish State Park; Environmental impact analysis--Washington (State)--Lake Sammamish State Park

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Lake Sammamish State Park (Wash.)




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