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reed lake, water quality


Reed Lake is located east of Highway 20 near Alger (WA) on the border of What- com and Skagit Counties. At the western tip of Reed Lake a concrete dam con- trols water flow into Cain Lake. Both lakes are surrounded by communities that have grown rapidly in the last few decades. Development extends to the shoreline around the entire perimeter of Reed Lake, with several boat launches and private docks. Residents around both lakes rely on individual septic systems for waste- water treatment. Recreation on the lake includes boating, swimming, and fishing for annually stocked rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). Residents have ex- pressed concern about the deterioration of recreation conditions due to aquatic plant growth hindering boat passage and sediment deposition under docks and swimming areas.

Reed Lake has been monitored annually by the Institute for Watershed Studies (IWS) as part of their Small Lakes Monitoring Project, a public service project that generates water quality data for more than 50 local lakes. Although these data have been collected since 2006, they have not been used to provide lake man- agement information for Reed Lake. To supplement the existing data, IWS was contracted by the Glenhaven Lakes Committee to collect six months of additional data and prepare a report that summarizes the water quality results and describes lake management methods that may be helpful for maintaining or improving the water quality in Reed Lake.




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