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On September 29, 2005, Jonathan Kozol spoke at Western Washington University on his latest book, The Shame of the Nation, the Restoration of Apartheid Schooling in America. We have used the occasion of his talk as the impetus for this issue of our journal. For those interested in viewing Mr. Kozol’s lecture, we have provided a link to the video of his presentation. Against a background of the concerns he has raised over the last forty years, we asked authors to consider the following dilemma:

Jonathan Kozol reminds us that this country’s schools are more segregated now than at any time since 1968. The moral imperative driving the public schools is found in the language of the nation’s ideals as well as in the rhetoric of its political slogans, but that imperative has not been able to be realized. What is the nature of the gap between the present realities of American schooling and a fulfilled vision of equal educational opportunities for all? In this issue we invite authors to examine various forces that impede or distract from the realization of this vision, whether structural, moral, political, or pragmatic.



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Segregation in education--United States; Education, Urban--Social aspects--United States; Discrimination in education--United States; De facto school segregation--United States

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