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Without a doubt, the world is changing at an incredible rate. America’s immigration rate is twice that of a century ago and has resulted in dramatic demographic shifts. The difference in the mean income between the wealthiest and the poorest continues to grow. Home schooling and charter schools are increasingly being chosen as alternatives for students, and cries for accountability in schools are deafening. Advances in technology and science are mind-boggling; the burgeoning Internet has placed a tremendous amount of knowledge literally at our fingertips. Huge companies are merging with others, creating mergers that will undoubtedly have far-reaching implications for the workplace of the future. Advances in knowledge and an increasingly complex society call for an even more educated population than we have today. These kinds of changes are leading to a revolutionary transformation in education. Such a transformation has been taking place from the district to the global level. Nonetheless, social injustice and diversity issues in the public school systems are not getting the attention warranted by these changes.

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