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Latino/Hispano students have advocated for equal educational opportunity through desegregation efforts across the nation; yet their segregation, unlike that of Blacks, has been steadily on the increase. This article proposes that educational reforms designed for Latino students must address the denial of equal educational opportunity as experienced by Latinos, and that the discussion of equal educational opportunity for Latinos must go beyond a dualistic approach which views school desegregation remedies within a Black/White paradigm. I maintain that access to English is an integral component of the learning opportunity denied many Latino students. Few desegregation remedies have been tailored to their unique cultural and linguistic characteristics. I will explore the concept of linguistic segregation as an indicator of Latino student access to English in schools; then I will review the importance that access to English has for English Language Learners and relate this to linguistically relevant educational reforms. First, a very brief history of Latino student participation in desegregation efforts is presented.



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School integration--United States; Segregation in education--United States; Education, Bilingual--United States; Multicultural education--United States; Hispanic Americans--Education--United States

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