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As I recently delved into Grace Lee Boggs’ new book The Next American Revolution: Sustainable Activism for the 21st Century, I found myself shaken to the core by a much needed inspiration and clarity of conviction. Like the faint beams of Pacific Northwest sunlight pouring through the clouds after days of gray and darkness, Boggs’ work helped to shatter my own feelings of hopelessness and despair. Her words and stories, helped to ground me in a conviction that had been taking form over a lifetime and, especially, over the course of the terrifying, transformative, and exquisitely alive past year of my life. Her words led to an unshakable hope–the kind of hope I paraphrase that was spoken by Julia Butterfly Hill in Fierce Light: Where Spirit Meets Action (Ripper, 2008): Hope is not a belief in a better future; hope is our ability to take responsibility for how we bring ourselves to each moment we live. So, as long as one person is alive, hope is alive.



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Social action--United States--History; Social movements--United States--History; Sustainable development--United States--History

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Boggs, Grace Lee

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