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This article is an essay book review of Meiner’s Right to be Hostile: Schools, Prisons and the Making of Public Enemies (2007). While educators are usually not brought to reflect upon penal institutions, Meiners builds a compelling case for why this should be otherwise. Meiners’ objective is to push educators to think about the ways in which the practices, ideologies, and processes in schools play a role in supporting the Prison Industrial Complex. Meiners accomplishes this by outlining historical and current realities of schools, which have functioned to normalize an expectation of incarceration for select youth. Meiners’ ability to explore highly controversial and emotionally charged subject matter is commendable, and this book breaks down boundaries in expanding what counts as important knowledge for teachers. Although mainly aimed at educators, it is of interest to any person wishing to understand how prisons have become naturalized as inevitable social institutions for select groups of people.





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