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In her foreword to Resilience Begins with Beliefs, Bonnie Benard passes off the resilience torch for supporting her life work to Sara Truebridge. Now retired, Benard was a key advocate for resilience theory and practice for over two decades (e.g., Benard, 1991, 2004; Benard & Slade, 2009). Benard’s strengths-based, human development, and health promotion perspective framed resilience as a process promoted by three “protective factors” found in family, school, and community environments: 1) caring and supportive relationships, 2) high expectations, and 3) opportunities for meaningful participation and contribution. A treasure trove of wisdom about resilience theory, practices, and the key literature supporting the resilience construct, Benard’s (2004) Resilience: What We Have Learned concludes with a reference to beliefs, “If we can focus on our belief in young people’s innate resilience and developmental wisdom, we are in a position to find what allows each one to thrive” (p.113). Truebridge took the torch Benard handed her with gusto, and Truebridge’s book on resilience begins where Benard’s ends—with beliefs.





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