Educate Me: The Use of Solutions Journalism in The Seattle Times’ Education Lab, Audra Anderson


Mixed Up, Julia Furukawa


Fundraising for Families: A strategic communications campaign for Give Hope 2 Kids in Honduras, Emily Jackson


Reducing stress for student journalists, Melody Kazel


Creating an Inclusive Culture in Cycling: The Story of Spoke Folx, Chuck Tookey


Call of the Chorus Frog: An Undergraduate Experience in Field Research in the Elwha River Basin, Nicole VandePutte


A light in the dark: Five years of voyeurism in the York and Sehome neighborhoods, Julia Berkman and Monique Merrill


Framing Feminism: How U.S. and French Media Frame #MeToo and #BalanceTonPorc from a Feminist Perspective, Kira Erickson


The Education Beat in a Declining Industry, Jon Foster


Nike In Politics: How Political Consumerism Impacts Corporate Social Responsibility, Samantha Frost

Representation of Addiction in the Media, Lauren Gallup


The Old Leopold Hotel, Hailey J. Hoffman


Seattle Times coverage of Islam and Muslims, Zoe Buchli


#Me Too: An Analysis on Whose Sexual Assault Stories The New York Times Publishes, Alyssa Evans

Media Coverage of Transgender People Through Danica Roem's Election Coverage, Asia Fields


Media Coverage of Transgender People Through Danica Roem’s Election Coverage, Asia Fields

The Ethics of Immersive Reporting, Alaena Fletcher


St. Vincent’s “Equal-Opportunity” Guitar, Lexi Foldenauer

Public relations applied to the Young Democrats of Western Washington University: creating a voice that reaches from our campus to the Capital., Samantha Frost and Samantha Newland


Coverage of the #MeToo & Time’s Up Movement: Examining who is quoted and what terminology is used in MSNBC, Fox News and the BBC’s coverage of the #MeToo and Time’s Up Movements, Stella Harvey

Bellingham's opioid crisis, Melissa McCarthy

Lettuce Grow Together: A Public Relations Campaign for Common Threads Farm, Samantha Newland and Chelsea Andrews

Generation Columbine: Ethics of Reporting on School Shootings in the Age of Social Media, Hannah Wong


Issues with Landlords: An investigative look at failed rental inspections in the York and Sehome neighborhoods, Erasmus Baxter and Alexis Edgar

Framing the Frat Boy: An analysis of frames used in coverage of campus rape by The New York Times, Christina Becker


Best Practices in Civic Engagement: A Case Study of the B Kind Campaign by the Downtown Bellingham Partnership, Lauren Drake and Hallie Fuchs

Reporting with Dignity: Ethics of covering sexual assault, Lexi Foldenauer

Behind the Scenes at Fringe Boutique, Sara Fontenot and Rachel Hunter

4th Avenue 4 Seasons Art 4 Everyone, Yaelle Kimmelman and Katherine Misel

Cascade Mall shooting: a comparative analysis of coverage, Melissa McCarthy

The Evolution of Presidential Press Conferences as a Public Relations Practice, Katherine Misel

Fashion and Semiotics: How fashion editorials reflected two different yet socially and politically similar years, Carolyn Trainer



Spanish News Framing of the Syrian Refugee Crisis, Ariana Hoyer


A Reflection on Developing and Healing from Bulimia in College, Libby Keller


An Examination of Methods Used in truth Campaign Advertisements, Monea Kerr

Anatomy of News Media Bias in Academic Research, Keely Killebrew

Ethics of Fossil Fuel Divestment and Foundation Transparency, Trisha Patterson

The Ethics of Super PACs, Rachel Postlewait

Daily Show with Trevor Noah: A qualitative Analysis of Political Fraiming on Satirical News Programs, Rachel Ronquillo

Religion Reporting: Tackling matters of faith and fact, Sarah Sharp

Analyzing ethical coverage of the Syrian refugee crisis, Brenna Visser



The Golden Boy: An examination of framing in national and local news coverage of Jaylen Fryberg, Becca Freimuth

East-West news coverage of the Georgian And Crimean conflicts, Bennett Hanson

The Third Era of Environmental Journalism: An analysis of award-winning environmental reporting., Kramer Janders

See the Light: Developing a Public Relations Campaign for the Lighthouse Mission, Leesy Latronica, Emily Willeman, and Rhoades Clark

T-Mobile: Becoming The Un-carrier Case Study Application and Teaching Note, Alexandra Withrow

#CrimingWhileWhite: An Analysis of Journalistic Coverage of a Contested Hashtag, Rika Wong



The World As Seen Through Award-Winning Photos: How Photojournalism Contests Contribute to Geographical Stereotypes, Brooke Warren



700 Inches on the Media, Leanne Josephson


Photojournalism Portfolio: Featuring images from Klipsun, The Planet and more!, Katie Kulla