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Klipsun, September 1993

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Vol. 30, Issue 6



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Western Washington University

Editor in Chief

Proctor, Charity


Western Washington University


Bellingham, WA

Production Staff

Story Editors: Chris Geer, Rick LaPorte, Ina Smith; Assistant Photo Editor: Adam Leask; Design Assistant: J Overstreet; Production Assistant: Matt Hulbert Business Manager: Teari Brown; Staff: Dieter Bohrmann, Stephen Duncan, Jennifer Hill, Russ Kasselman, Gina MacNeill, Pam McCormick, Chris Moore, Eric Munson, Nicci Noteboom, Tara Perry, Troy Schauls, Mark Scholten, Chris Von Seggern, Michele Thielke, Jennifer Tipps, Scott Tompkins, Bill Urlevich


So, how about that cover shot?

As soon as we saw Matt’s picture, we knew it had to go on the cover. That’s the nature of journalism: the most compelling shot often gets the most prominent display.

In running this picture on the cover, Klipsun neither condones nor condemns the use of LSD. “No Longer a Sixties Drug?” is not intended to promote drug use, but rather to tell a story about Western students and their views on the drug.

And how about them nudists?

Nicci, in search of the naked truth, decided to pursue this story. “Great!” we thought. “A few tasteful pictures will illustrate that well.”

It didn’t turn out to be so simple. Steve and Adam took a variety of shots, and there were equally varied opinions on what should run. We asked ourselves: How much nudity is too much? Is it right to publish nude photos of a child ... if that child is a nudist?

The editors discussed it, both among ourselves and with the staff. A few people, including J, our design assistant, had strong reservations about running the photos, especially the ones showing the child. They thought it might get an unfavorable reaction. We considered all views.

We decided to run the photos because we think they tastefully and accurately illustrate the story. Nicci found nothing perverse, illegal or obscene going on at Fraternity Snoqualmie. The members are just like you and me ... without tan lines.

Photography Editor

Dunkelberger, Steve


Pilgrim, Tim A.

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Bellingham (Wash.)


Higher Education | Journalism Studies


Student life


Independent Student Publication at Western Washington University

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Klipsun Magazine, 1993, Volume 30, Issue 06 - September

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