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Klipsun, Fall 2012 - Boundaries

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Vol. 43, Issue 2



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Fall 2012


Western Washington University

Editor in Chief

Abruzzini, Marissa


Western Washington University


Bellingham, WA

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Managing Editor: Branden Griffith; Copy Editor: Brittany Yost; Story Editors: Lani Farley, Alexandra Kocik, Lauren Simmons; Lead Designer: Julien Guay-Binion; Designers: Adam Bussing, Kinsey Davis; Photographers: Samantha Heim, Jenny Hoang; Multimedia and Online Editor: Josh Galassi; Writers: Eryn Akers, Ian Couch, Kyle Elliott, Osa Hale, Jenny Hoang, Kelsey Kohl, Dylan Koutsky, Rachel Lee, Maddy Mixter, Chelsea Poppe, Elyse Tan, Mindon Win, Samantha Wohlfeil


Standing on the front row bleachers at the fairgrounds, I could smell acrid gasoline pluming from the exhaust pipes of 10 demolition cars about 500 feet away. My older brother aimed his camera at the line of cars, which looked like colorful beetles from where we stood.

“I can’t see anything from here,” he said. “Let’s go.”

We made our way down to the security tent nudged between the audience and the demolition ring. A man in aviators and a bright blue security jacket stood at the entrance with his arms folded.

“You can’t come back here,” he said. My brother pulled out his laminated photo pass and pushed past the guard.

“John says it’s alright,” he said. “You can ask him.”

Before the guard had a chance to find out John was not a real person, we made a beeline for the backstage entrance, ducking under the “Do Not Enter” tape roping off the out- door arena. My brother snapped away as cars smashed into one another less than 20 feet from his lens.

A deafening crunch ripped through the night air as two cars collided head-on. A tire tore off the heap of metal, skidding rapidly through the dust an arm’s length from where I stood. One thought played over and over in my head: I shouldn’t be here.

Security boundaries like this protect photographers from getting hurt; but when is a boundary too strict? Physical and psychological boundaries exist in every facet of life. In this issue of Klipsun, we explore the limits of limitations.

You will learn about Bellingham’s place in Cascadia’s imaginary border, and the all-too-real US/Canadian border, how extreme hikers push their bodies to the breaking point and how a group of performers can dance with fire without getting burned.

I was lucky to walk away from the demolition derby intact when I defied the only rule meant to keep me safe. When you read this issue, consider why you adhere to some boundaries, and rebel against others. Where do you draw the line between limitation and limitless indulgence? After all, even rebels need rules.

Photography Editor

Couch, Ian


Howie, Stephen S.

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Bellingham (Wash.)


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Klipsun Magazine, 2012, Volume 43, Issue 02 - Fall

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