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Klipsun, Winter 2013 - Detail

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Vol. 43, Issue 3



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Winter 2013


Western Washington University

Editor in Chief

Abruzzini, Marissa


Western Washington University


Bellingham, WA

Production Staff

Managing Editor: Branden Griffith; Copy Editor: Brittany Yost; Story Editors: Lani Farley, Alexandra Kocik, Lauren Simmons; Lead Designer: Julien Guay-Binion; Designers: Adam Bussing, Kinsey Davis; Photographers: Samantha Heim, Jenny Hoang; Multimedia and Online Editor: Josh Galassi; Writers: Eryn Akers, Kyle Elliott, Richard Grunert, Osa Hale, Josh Holloway, Brianna Kuplent, Rachel Lee, Chelsea Poppe, Lisa Remy, Ian Stark, Elyse Tan, Mindon Win, Samantha Wohlfeil


Viscous, egg-shaped blood cells encase spiraling strands of DNA, a drop of turquoise paint seeps through the spongy layers of a hand-painted portrait, and hundreds of dents are imprinted with black ink on a piece of paper.

These details, along with others, are missed because of their subtlety, but without these small pieces, the bigger picture wouldn’t exist. Even a simple chore such as typing on a computer involves a series of complex electric currents and muscle memory.

Many people don’t think about the in-depth mechanics of their computers as they rush to type up an essay the night before it is due. As you will see in this issue of Klipsun, looking into the details of even seemingly mundane subjects can reveal fascinating new perspectives.

This issue explores the tiniest fragments of the things we take for granted.

You will read about the lifesaving details that stand between a man’s safety and his lungs filling with flames, as well as the centimeters of thin hair that could earn a competitive beard grower the title of world whisker champion. This issue includes stories about a woman who uses tracks to hunt one of the strongest creatures in North America, and what really happens behind the scenes of a crime investigation.

For these subjects, the fine points are vital. But what happens when someone is constantly bombarded with life’s specifics? As you read through this issue, you will learn how people with Asperger’s cope with mountains of information and how far twin sisters go to claim their own identities.

Taking time to appreciate the intricacies of life with all five senses is fulfilling, but sweating the small stuff can cause a massive headache. As you read the stories here, pause to think about the mechanisms that form what is important to you. Rather than letting life pass you by in a whirlwind of clocks and espresso shots, take a moment to appreciate its complexity. Carpe diem.

Photography Editor

Couch, Ian


Howie, Stephen S.

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Bellingham (Wash.)


Higher Education | Journalism Studies


Student life


Independent Student Publication at Western Washington University

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Klipsun Magazine, 2013, Volume 43, Issue 03 - Winter

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