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Klipsun, March 1995 - 25th Anniversary

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Vol. 25, Issue 3



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Western Washington University

Editor in Chief

McMenamin, Ryan


Western Washington University


Bellingham, WA

Production Staff

Managing Editor: Mara Applebaum; Story Editors: Eowyn LeMay Ivey, Tedra Meyer, Shelley Sharp; Illustrator: Matt Buechler; Business Manager: Teari Brown; Writers: Suzanne Asprea, Dawn Bittner, Kevin Blondin, Mike Brennand, Tabitha Clark, Susan Eick, Dana Goodwin, Joseph Hoggard, Amy Howat, Heather Kimbrough, Noelle Kompkoff, Lars Lundberg, Kavita Makhijani, Karin Muskopf, Hilary Parker, Johnny Payseno, Ruby Quemuel, Michael Sniezak, Jaymes Song, Tara Thomas, Renee Treider, Noah Walden; Photographers: Peter Lewinsohn, Matt Wuscher


Twenty-five years ago, Jimi Hendrix died. Twenty-five years ago, the Beatles sang their last song together. Twenty-five years ago, the United States increased its involvement in Vietnam by in­vading Cambodia. Twenty-five years ago, to reflect the is­sues faced by the students of Western Wash­ington State College, Klipsun Magazine was born.

Editor Phyllis Atkinson and her staff pro­duced stories that showed insight into the twisted minds of collegiate youth by highlighting the students’ concerns. Liberals lost congressional power in the election of 1970, graduates weren’t finding jobs after leaving Bellingham and the school’s purse strings were tightly cinched.

Subsequent issues contained articles covering drug use, guns, censorship, women’s rights and environmental protection. All of the stories within Klipsun’s pages still represent an attitude — your attitude. Stress and strain rule our lives. Students jolt their bodies with caffeine to cram more information in their tired brains. This is how we survive our college life. We stress over finding enough time to watch a rerun of Seinfeld, while others stress about taking another breath.

The articles in this issue are focused on people fighting to reclaim the happiness taken away from them by a twist of fate.

Jody Kunz thought he had the flu, but was diagnosed with the disease that causes AIDS. Children crippled in accidents are finding freedom on snow-covered hills. Gretchen Unick had her arms wrapped around her true love while riding shotgun on a motorcycle, when a collision with a car simultaneously ended a life and broke a heart. All of these people refused to give up; they are adapting to the obstacles put before them and are continuing with their lives.

No one knows what the next 25 years hold. No one knows what obstacles will be placed before him or her. But by finding the courage these people have shown, the courage to succeed, survival is assured.

Photography Editor

Burden, Ryan


Dale, Carolyn. 1950-

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Bellingham (Wash.)


Higher Education | Journalism Studies


Student life


Independent Student Publication at Western Washington University

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Klipsun Magazine, 1995, Volume 25, Issue 03 - March

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