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Klipsun, April 1995

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Vol. 25, Issue 4



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Western Washington University

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McMenamin, Ryan


Western Washington University


Bellingham, WA

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Managing Editor: Mara Applebaum; Story Editors: Eowyn LeMay Ivey, Tedra Meyer, Shelley Sharp; Illustrator: Matt Buechler; Business Manager: Teari Brown; Writers: Suzanne Asprea, Dawn Bittner, Kevin Blondin, Mike Brennand, Tabitha Clark, Susan Eick, Dana Goodwin, Joseph Hoggard, Amy Howat, Heather Kimbrough, Noelle Kompkoff, Lars Lundberg, Kavita Makhijani, Karin Muskopf, Hilary Parker, Johnny Payseno, Ruby Quemuel, Michael Sniezak, Jaymes Song, Tara Thomas, Renee Treider, Noah Walden; Photographers: Peter Lewinsohn, Matt Wuscher


Male, female, black, white, brown, yellow, red, heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, rich and poor.

These traits, along with many others, are used to separate people into groups within our culture. Because someone was inherently given these traits, they could be considered by others as more or less of a person. This was true during the era of slavery and internment, and is unfortunately still true today.

Three years ago, I attended Florida State University, where the student body was much more representative of the national ethnic makeup than Western. Since I didn’t have a car, I was dependent upon the bus for transportation. I was sitting in the third row, watching the bus driver deftly manipulate the over-sized vehicle into the Albertson’s parking lot. His shirt had perspiration rings underneath his sleeves and around the collar, no doubt a result of the humid, Florida weather. As we slowly moved through the parking lot, a woman driving a fire-engine-red Honda positioned behind the bus became increasingly agitated by our slow speed. After taking all she could, she decided to pass the bus in the two-lane aisle. The driver drove the bus as closely to the right as he could, politely giving the angered girl as much room as possible. As she drove by, she didn’t wave a thank-you. She didn’t even smile. Rather, she yelled “Goddamn nigger!”, raising her middle finger high through the car’s retractable sunroof.

In that awful moment, I felt ashamed of my race and by the lack of change in segregatory attitudes.

In this issue of Klipsun, we take an in depth look at affirmative action and how it is helping minorities establish themselves in the previously white-dominated managerial world. The sole existence of this method proves that we are taking strides toward ethnic equality, but the actions of that college-aged woman three years ago shows how far we must still go.

We are Caucasian, Asian-American, African- American, Latin-American, Native American and more. We should be proud of our heritage, but should also remember that we are all human.

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Burden, Ryan


Dale, Carolyn. 1950-

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Klipsun Magazine, 1995, Volume 25, Issue 04 - April

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