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Klipsun, Winter 2014 - Current

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Vol. 44, Issue 4



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Winter 2014


Western Washington University

Editor in Chief

Win, Mindon


Western Washington University


Bellingham, WA

Production Staff

Managing Editor: Hannah Leone; Lead Story Editor: Genevieve Iverson; Online Editor: Rhoades Clark; Lead Designer: Adam Bussing; Multimedia Editor: Kamrin Dishman; Designers: Anelese Webster, Stephen Ateser; Photographers: Jared Chang, Paul Bikis; Story Editors: Shannen Kuest, Eryn Akers; Writers: Kramer Janders, Michael Lydon, Francine St. Laurent, Rachel Brown, Meaghan Flesch, Paul Grzelak, Leesy Latronica, Alex Peterson, Hannah Johnson, Emily Petrovski, Isaac Martin


In an era when time seems to pass at a break-neck pace, staying current is an important part of any publication’s day-to-day operation. How can we stay current as a publication when societal trends and global issues seem to pass in a matter of days and weeks but we only publish twice a quarter?

Klipsun stays relevant by telling the stories that matter not only to the people who pick up the magazine the day it comes out, but also to those who will read it years from now. For Klipsun, staying current means more than just keeping up with the times. The means in which stories are brought to readers is constantly changing. Readers are no longer passive consumers of media. The single downstream approach to storytelling is changing, allowing for reader participation and influence in what they read. We are trying to reach out and involve our readership throughout our process and allow them to help shape our final product. Our readers should know what life was like and what issues were worthy of being published when our staff sat down to plan the magazine. We want Klipsun to be a portal into what was important to the staff and community when the magazines were neatly stacked around Bellingham.

We want to convey to both present and future readers that finding clean energy alternatives and reducing waste is of paramount importance to our readership and staff. We want people to read about how technology is moving into an ever more digitally dominated realm while some people still hold on to analog methods. We want readers to connect with stories of people as they break world records, give death new life and live every day with a neuropsychiatric disorder. These are the stories we have decided to tell in this issue. We want them to interest, enlighten and fascinate you. Staying current for our readership is important, but being current is as much about looking to the future and learning from our past as it is about observing the present. Take the time to read through Klipsun and see what our Current issue is all about.

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Degman, Margaret


Howie, Stephen S.

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Bellingham (Wash.)


Higher Education | Journalism Studies


Student life


Independent Student Publication at Western Washington University

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Klipsun Magazine, 2014, Volume 44, Issue 04 - Winter

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