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Klipsun, Summer 2014 - Construct

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Vol. 45, Issue 01



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Summer 2014


Western Washington University

Editor in Chief

Iverson, Genevieve


Western Washington University


Bellingham, WA

Production Staff

Managing Editor: Georgina Napp; Story Editors: Kristen Stanovich, Elena, Edington, Leesy Latronica; Online Editor: Rhoades Clark; Multimedia Editor: Lydia Love; Designers: Hannah Johnson, David Shin, Rachel Simons; Photographers: Rachel Brown, Meaghan Flesch; Copy Editor: Paul Grzelak; Writers: Taylor Mattson, Sigourney Gundy, Michelle Dutro, Carina Linder Jimenez, Grace Schrater, Jann Eberharter, Christine McGinnis, Hayley Bostrom, Josh Hart, Quinn Welsh, Nicole Eichelberger


Klipsun thrives off collaboration. For this issue, 13 staff members and 22 writers were a vital part of the construction of this magazine. With the many unique personalities and ideas involved, our magazine is able to evolve with each issue and share some powerful and delightful stories.

At Klipsun, we believe it is important to incorporate clear words, stunning pictures and relevant, clean design to embody a whole story. Without one element, the others would suffer. Interacting with a story on a more engaged level means spending time absorbing the visuals as well as the words.

By making a magazine, we are able to bring real human stories to our readership. As humans, we have the ability to construct our lives and selves in many ways. Take your diet into your own hands and build it around wild, foraged food like some Bellingham residents, or embrace your childhood nightmares and turn them into an artistic career. Change your surroundings by building ships in bottles or growing an exact replica of a tree… in a miniature size.

All of these stories and more wait inside this issue, and it is no surprise that they inspired me to take a deeper look at the way I live my own life. Wonders of the Wilderness pushed me to consider ways to grow some of my own food while living in a city apartment, and Shop to Sheep made me think about where my clothes are made. As a person who is always on the lookout for new hobbies, Nurturing Bonsai and Bottling a Vessel were fascinating reads of unique pastimes.

The Klipsun staff can’t wait to share, so read on. Imagine the possibilities at your fingertips.

Photography Editor

Abell, Evan


Howie, Stephen S.

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Bellingham (Wash.)


Higher Education | Journalism Studies


Student life


Independent Student Publication at Western Washington University

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Klipsun Magazine, 2014, Volume 45, Issue 01 - Summer



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