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Klipsun, Fall 2010 - Consumption

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Vol. 41, Issue 1 (Fall 2010)



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Fall 2010


Western Washington University

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Spagnolo, Angelo


Western Washington University


Bellingham, WA

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Managing Editor: Gabrielle Kazuko Nomura; Copy Editor: Allison Milton; Story Editors: Michael Homnick, Jeff Twining, Jillian Vasquez; Online Editor: Cassandra Gallagher; Designers: Stephanie Castillo, Rebecca Rice; Multimedia Editor: Skyler Wilder; Photography and Writing: Rhys Logan, Jordan Stead, Skyler Wilder, Adam Cochran, Renee Davies, Kim Gladow, David Gonzales, Kevin Minnick, Ashley Mitchell, Kipp Robertson, Sim Paxman, Jeremy Schwartz, Mark Stayton, Hailey Tucker


Dear reader, I just consumed a Big Mac, fries and a Dr. Pepper. The cows used for my burger probably grazed where the Amazon Rainforest stood before it was devoured to make way for the crowd of lumbering bovine. The soda was sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup. Furthermore, I could have walked to the restaurant, but instead I wasted a non-renewable resource by driving.

And I don’t really care.

Our campus community is highly aware of consumption. We’re powered by green energy. Instead of dumping our trays into an all-encompassing receptacle, we sort trash into a variety of containers marked food-waste or compost. We generally agree that consumption is bad. But like any word in the English language, consumption has a variety of meanings.

Some of those meanings are delicious, like the 6-pound burrito at Jalapenos. Some make you ask questions: Why would Canadians drive many miles and endure lengthy border waits just to scour WalMart’s overflowing shelves? For some, the negative force of consumption resonates in more ways than just environmentally, like those with the rare chromosomal disorder Prader-Willi syndrome, which causes an insatiable and life-threatening desire to eat.

Though I see nothing wrong with an occasional fast-food indulgence. I’m not asking anyone to stop recycling, composting or biking. I’m only asking that as you flip through these pages, and as you navigate your daily lives, keep an open mind when encountering that omnipresent and multidimensional presence; consumption.

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Logan, Rhys


Watt, Peggy

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Klipsun Magazine, 2010, Volume 41, Issue 01 - Fall



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