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Klipsun Winter 2022 - Joy


Victoria Corkum

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Vol. 52 Issue 2



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Winter 2022


Western Washington University

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Victoria Corkum


Western Washington University


Bellingham, WA

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Victoria Corkum

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Emily Bishop, Tyler Brown, Nina Claflin, Isabella Coronado, Elisa Espinoza, Sadie Fick, Payton Gift, Noah Harper, Justin Hecht, Abi Hoodenpyle, Thomas Hughes, Cole Mumper, Jordan Olson, Faith Owens, Sophia Pappalau, Zoe Parker, Brendan Prior, Tayler Robertson, Adriannah Roman, Nate Sanford, Nathan Schumock, Hannah Vanovermeiren


Dearest reader,

When I was blessed with the opportunity to be Editor-in-Chief of Klipsun Magazine the little voice in my head whispered with glee, “Now’s your chance to inspire what others need to hear!” Living in a broken world means we are all broken people…but is that such a bad thing? We’re all a little fractured, that’s how the light gets in.

Joy: (noun) An attitude of gladness not based on circumstance; deep-rooted, inspired happiness.

This concept of joy will always receive varying responses. Some smirk at it, not fully understanding the power to be found within. Others hold onto joy with both hands and refuse to let go. I’d like to think I’m one of the latter. Everyday I work hard to wake up and choose joy. You are 100% capable of doing that too.

Choosing joy is not easy. Sometimes it is a mindset you have to fight for. But I’ll let you in on a little secret; if you want to be joyful, first you must be grateful. An attitude of gratitude allows us to deeply process what is in front of us and then respond with grace.

I want to make it perfectly clear that joy is NOT a fluffy, blissfully ignorant attitude. Joy takes your pain, sadness, heartache or anxiety and says, “Yes and…” Joy is a choice to look through the darkness surrounding you and to strive for the light that is always there, even if it is small.

One of the greatest inspirations I have found for joy is reflected through the lyrics of X-Ambassadors’ song “Joyful”

No one left, no one except my demons and I

No one to forgive me, I’m running out of time

And it’s up to me to try and meet my fate with a smile

And it might sound silly, but I still will try

To be joyful, joyful Joyful and happy, sunny and bright

To be joyful, joyful Joyful and happy, just being alive

As you journey through our edition of Klipsun my hope is that you are inspired to find light in a dark place just as our amazing writers have done. Keep searching for raw goodness and the glimpses of hope because they will always be there; you just have to look for them.



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Klipsun Magazine, 2022, Volume 52 Issue 2 - Winter



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