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Spring 2022

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Spring 2022


Western Washington University

Editor in Chief

Tyler Brown


Western Washington University


Bellingham, WA

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Ben Bagley

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Joan Connell



Tyler Brown

Story Editors

Emma Burrell

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Tori Corkum

Abbi Matthews

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Isabella Loy

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Kyle Tubbs


Sebastian Strauss

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Emily Bishop

Noah Harper


Bella Coronado


Dear Reader,

When I was given the news that I would be the future editor-in-chief for Klipsun, I knew immediately the theme I wanted for the spring edition.

Passion; (Noun)

1. a strong and barely controllable emotion.

2. an intense desire or enthusiasm for something.

Passion lies within all of us, waiting like a starving beast ready to pounce. Unexpected, unbidden and sometimes unwanted. It stirs, waiting to open its jaws and howl. It guides us. Passion rules us all, and we obey.

If we could live without passion, maybe we’d know some kind of peace. But we would be hollow. Empty rooms, shuttered and dank. We would be truly dead.

I chose Passion as the theme for this quarter for a plethora of reasons. It means something different for everyone yet carries over similar traits with each interpretation. People relate it to a fire, the heart, a need, a want, a desire. Passion is a spark that you find in a person or in the arts. It is a guide or a friend and sometimes our master, pulling the strings like a puppeteer.

Whatever it means to you, let it be something impactful and strong. This quarter we were lucky to have a collection of great writers to tell stories from different walks of life and capture the essence of what I was looking for.

Stories of love lost or found, a dedication to the arts, overcoming the odds to follow your heart and finding meaning in the connections we make.

As you read this issue, I hope you find yourself inspired by the beauty found in others and how powerful the resolve of the human spirit truly is.

Reading these stories was an experience for me, and I hope it is for you as well.

With warm regards,

Tyler Brown

Photography Editor

Kyle Tubbs


Joan Connell

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Klipsun Magazine, 2022, Volume 52  Issue 03 - Spring

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