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Open access; Institutional repository; Web of Science; RefWorks; Workflow management system


A major component of OA outreach at Kansas State University is using updates from Web of Science to identify recent articles authored by KSU faculty. We contact authors individually via e-mail and invite them to deposit the article in our IR, the K-State Research Exchange. By contacting authors when the article is first published, we have greater success in obtaining their final manuscript, if required for deposit.

The Library does the entire deposit on behalf of faculty and uses an account from the university-wide RefWorks license to manage the deposit workflow. Refworks has several features that lend itself to this role, including

  • User defined fields for adding notes. We use these fields to note the author’s email address, if an author has been contacted, if we’re waiting for reply, etc.
  • The ability to group items into folders, which facilitates sharing the workload among several staff. For example, those items for which we need to verify publisher policies can be placed in one folder; items that are ready to deposit can be placed in another folder.
  • The ability to attach a file, such as the author’s manuscript, to a record in RefWorks.

This approach has enabled us to increase the number of items deposited, cut down on processing time, and most importantly, interest a greater number of faculty in depositing their work. Although we have used Web of Science and RefWorks, most institutions have access to similar journal databases and bibliographic software (EndNote, Zotero) that can serve this purpose.

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SPARC Open Access Meeting, March 12-13, 2012, Kansas City, MO.


Published in: (2012). Innovation Fair Abstracts, SPARC 2012 Open Access Meeting. Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication 1(1):eP1042.

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