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Join the editors of the new textbook The Research Process: Strategies for Undergraduate Students as they discuss the process of creating this Open Education Resource. An edited anthology, this textbook was collaboratively written by specialists across the library, utilizing a wide range of expertise to cover a variety of topics to support undergraduate student research. The editors, Rebecca M. Marrall and Jenny Oleen, will discuss the philosophy behind publishing the textbook as an open education resource, the process of creating and editing the text, working with authors, and implementation of open access publication.

Geared towards faculty and instructors who may be interested in creating or collaborating on their own open access textbook, an electronic toolkit of resources, including templates, is provided in additional files below. This open education resource is published through Western Washington University’s Institutional Repository, Western CEDAR, a service available for all faculty authors associated with Western.

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Open access publishing; Textbooks--Authorship

The Research Process Author Packet.pdf (206 kB)
The Research Process: Author Packet

The Research Process Author Checklist.pdf (359 kB)
The Research Process: Author Checklist

Style Guide for Chapter Authors.docx (25 kB)
The Research Process: Chapter Style Guide

The Research Process Template Assessment Map.docx (74 kB)
The Research Process: Assessment Map

The Research Process Chapter Template.pdf (324 kB)
The Research Process: Chapter Template

Textbook Author Packet (Template).docx (14 kB)
Author Packet Template

Textbook Author Checklist (Template).docx (23 kB)
Author Checklist Template

Style Guide for Chapter Authors (Template).docx (25 kB)
Chapter Style Guide Template


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