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The following is my personal exploration of Noguchi’s sculpture inspired by what I do most of the time: math, or playing with numbers. His sculpture is very geometric; it lends itself to mathematical explorations, and I decided to look for a mathematical message in it.

I think Skyviewing Sculpture is really beautiful, and I have also encountered a lot of beautiful things in math, so the natural thing was to look for a connection: the beautiful sculpture giving rise to beautiful math. This is a short report of what I found. There is much more to be discovered, and these are the first findings.

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Isamu Noguchi and Skyviewing Sculpture : Proceedings of Symposia and Special Lectures

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Published by Western Washington University

Edited by Sarah Clark-Langager and Michiko Yusa.


These proceedings of symposia and guest lectures took place during Japan Week 2003, April 28-May 1, 2003, at Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington.

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