Biologization, Gender's project, Colonial-cisheteronormative project of Gender

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This project seeks to indicate that the dominant conception for which the definition of life catalyzes into existence is that of biology. I seek to indicate that the semiotic imperialism for which biologization1 enacts on life operates as part and parcel to the colonial-cisheteronormative project of Gender. Following the critical work of nila nokizaru, Gender's project eradicates not only indigenous peoples and trans folks but becomes, in fact, a war on life itself. What this results in is the framing of life as determinate, and thus kinships as always already hurtling towards a predetermined end point: an end point that creates the elf-fulfilling prophecy of ontology. An ontology as a violent sexing of the body that seeks to produce trans folks (and all those

at the periphery of coherency) as worth nothing but death to sustain 'life.' Arguing against this function of the Western death machine, I articulate that we ought to endorse Karen Barad's framing of life as 'indeterminate' as a method for which we formulate radical politics. These radical projects seek not only a freeing of life from the chains of biologization, but for the total abolition of the material realities that produce entire populations as disposable, entropic force , and death-worlds. In e sence this paper hopes to propose a radical reconstruction of kinship, a sort of trans kinship. A trans kinship that both allows for our bodie to flourish and function a praxis for revolutionary direct action.



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Gender nonconformity--Philosophy; Gender--Philosophy


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Barad, Karen Michelle









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