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HectoMAP is a dense redshift survey of red galaxies covering a 53 deg2 strip of the northern sky. HectoMAP is 97% complete for galaxies with r < 20.5, (g− r) > 1.0, and (r − i) > 0.5. The survey enables tests of the physical properties of large-scale structure at intermediate redshift against cosmological models. We use the Horizon Run 4, one of the densest and largest cosmological simulations based on the standard Λ Cold Dark Matter (ΛCDM) model, to compare the physical properties of observed large-scale structures with simulated ones in a volume-limited sample covering 8 × 106 h−3 Mpc3 in the redshift range 0.22 < z < 0.44. We apply the same criteria to the observations and simulations to identify over- and under-dense large-scale features of the galaxy distribution. The richness and size distributions of observed over-dense structures agree well with the simulated ones. Observations and simulations also agree for the volume and size distributions of under-dense structures, voids. The properties of the largest over-dense structure and the largest void in HectoMAP are well within the distributions for the largest structures drawn from 300 Horizon Run 4 mock surveys. Overall the size, richness and volume distributions of observed large-scale structures in the redshift range 0.22 < z < 0.44 are remarkably consistent with predictions of the standard ΛCDM model.

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