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The Planet, Autunm 2002, The North Cascades



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Fall 2002


Western Washington University. Associated Students. Environmental Center; Huxley College of the Environment; Huxley College of Environmental Studies

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Koch, Kate


Western Washington University


Bellingham, WA

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Associate Editors: Sarah Loehndorf, Matt Bucher; Copy Editor: Jessi Loerch; Science Editor: Karl Kruger; Designers: Josh Barett, Andrea Thomas; Staff Photographers: Jamie Clark, Brandon Sawaya; Cartographer: Nikole Coleman; Staff Writers: Alison Bickerstaff, Courtney Brousseau, Alex Brun, Jamie Clark, Sonja Cohen, Wolfgang Deerkop, Suzanne DeSelms, Dan Dunne, Colin McDonald Brendan McLaughlin, Heatherjune Olah, Paul Olund, Katie Scaief, Colin Shanley, Kea Woodruff; Planet Radio Producer: Aaron Managhan, Planet Radio Reporters: Wolfgang Deerkop, Colin McDonald, Matt Bucher, Jackson Long, Jessica Ness; Online Editor: Kate Granat

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Kulla, Katie


Brennan, Scott R.

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Table of Contents

Dynamic Landscape: The history of the North Cascades begins with the geologic forces that shaped the peaks and valleys of the region. These awesome events create mudslides, earthquakes and volcanic activity and draw people from around the world to enjoy the range. By Brendan McLaughlin

Drug Tail: Known for its vast areas of isolated wilderness, the North Cascades draw more than outdoor enthusiasts. Drug runners are causing problems for law enforcement and park officials. By Paul Olund

Firing the Forest Plan: The Bush Administration recently released a new fire policy that has prompted praise from some fire ecologists and protest from environmentalists. By Wolfgang Deerkop

Connecting Communities & Nature: The North Cascades Institute will complete construction on its new Environmental Learning Center in Fall 2003, but the real teaching began more than 15 years ago. By Courtney Brousseau

Fred Beckey: Married to the Mountains: Fred Beckey organizes his life around mountaineering. The climbing icon still craves the solitude and challenge of scaling massive peaks. By Colin Shanley

Limiting the Impact: The North Cascades have a variety of breath-taking scenery accessible through an array of climbing routes. Unfortunately, many climbers flock to the most popular routes — overcrowding and damaging landscapes they love. By Alex Brun

An Uncertain Future: Most users of the Golden Horn Roadless Area do not know how vulnerable the region is. Surrounded on three sides by federally protected land, this wild playground is not currently protected. Some wonder what lies in Golden Horn’s future. By Alison Bickerstaff

‘Competitive Advantage’: Non-native plants have invaded the North Cascades. They overtake lakes, trails and forests, out-competing native plants without natural checks and balances. By Heatherjune Olah

Isolated Experience: With a backdrop of green forests and jagged mountain peaks, Holden Village helps visitors forget they left their cellular phone at home. By Katie Kulla

Barometer: Years of pollutants appear embedded in the ice of the North Cascades glaciers leaving some to wonder who is to blame. By Colin McDonald

Rightful Place? The massive grizzly inspires both fear and affection. But, no one is sure how many grizzlies actually live in the North Cascades. Do the bears belong in the region? By Sonja L. Cohen

‘Poetic Cadence’: Gary Snyder, a poet and former fire lookout, used his writing to describe the landscape of the North Cascades and his words have become a staple of the region’s culture. By Jamie Clark




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The Planet, 2002, Autumn

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